May 24, 2018

ZTE N9560 flash using UAT + ROOT and UNLOCK!

Flash half bricked ZTE N9560 guide:

Phone status before: boot loop, no enter edl, no enter recovery, stuck on dfu but no recognized by software tools.

Lets begin...:


1--If can't enter to EDL mode by pressing vol+- and puting usb cable you need an EDL cable.

2--If you don't have an EDL cable you can make one easy, only need any usb C data cable, peel the cord and short green and black cables.

2-B-- If none of above method work to get phone into EDL you must do a TESTPOINT like the next image.

3--Download 343330B2207N9560V1.0.0B09  from UAT support and extrat it any where on your pc.

4--Open UAT and go to ZTE tab-->>flash tab-->>and open FLASHER.

5--Select XML rawprogram0 is inside firmware folder you extracted before.

6--Select ZTE Max XL N9560 from drop down model menu.

7--Press FLASH and wait till finish....

All is ok, now phone is alive again, is time to root and unlock


For root and unlock you need special payed files, if you don't have it, you can take a look here..:: ZTE N9560 ROOT+UNLOCK TOOLS

Then, lest begin...

1--Flash files from the carrier folder that is inside the package for unlock using UAT

2--When phone booted up run the unlock.bat file and wait till finish

3--If phone still locked after step 2, flash files from modem folder inside the package,

4--Now your phone is UNLOCKED, ENJOY!


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